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  • Sonia Zuzartee

Ta prendeh na spasu stranjeru

Learning in an unusual space

by Sonia Zuzartee

Fola-fola flotah;

diseh sol na dia di tantu bentu,

skelu subih riba na albi, bai na eli sa kaza.

Yo sa familia pun teng na parku, ta prendeh yo sa linggu mai, Kristang.


The green leaves swirl;

the sun sets on a sunny, windy day,

and a squirrel scurries up a tree to his home.

My family and I are in the park learning my mother tongue, Kristang.


Sonia Zuzartee is a Malaysian Eurasian. Her grandmother, godmother, uncle and aunt sometimes spoke Kristang but she never understood a word. When she moved to Singapore, she discovered a community teaching Kristang. She signed up for classes and also roped in her husband Reyhan and their young child.

Sonia Zuzartee jenti Kristang Malaysia. Eli sa aboh femi, madrinya, tiu kung tia membes papiah Kristang mas Sonia nang intindeh. Kiora eli rakuah Singapura, eli ja achah komunidadi ta insinyah linggu Kristang. Eli kung eli sa maridu Reyhan, kung eli sa krensa pun juntah klas.


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