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Kadamundu is an online magazine of creative writing that seeks to provide a space for the development of the literature of creole, indigenous (including First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in any part of the world), minority and/or underrepresented cultures, languages and identities, especially from creole and indigenous communities who are not traditionally represented in the media and/or who presently lack a substantial body of written and/or published creative expression, and from LGBTQ+ members of these communities, though we welcome work by all writers by both published and unpublished writers who identify with any of the above from anywhere in the world. We also seek to publish work in the languages of these communities, especially minority and/or endangered languages whose continued existence would be greatly supported by the development of such creative expression. We are a very small, smol, free, non-profit initiative based in Singapore and are run by a husband and husband team of two gay, non-binary Singaporeans born and bred in the Lion City, both of mixed creole and/or indigenous descent: Kevin Martens Wong (Kristang / Portuguese-Eurasian / Hakka / Peranakan) and Fuad Johari (Malay / Javanese). 


We adopt a creole/Kristang model of publishing and accept rolling submissions toward four issues generally published in March, June, September and December. We accept short stories of up to 6,000 words, poetry, plays, graphic/visual narratives and creative non-fiction, as well as work that does not fit into the aforementioned categories, but which does belong to a genre or written art form that is extant in your own culture or community. Please contact us at kadamundu at gmail dot com if you have further inquiries, and please, as we say in Kristang, nang bergonya (don't be shy): we want to hear from you! We are a volunteer non-profit effort, so we neither receive nor make payments for subscriptions, editorial work and/or work submitted.

Language of Submission

We welcome work that is written in


(1) any of the languages we are professionally fluent in, which are English (both editors), Malay (Fuad) or Kristang (Kevin); please provide a translation of your work in English if you are submitting in Malay or Kristang, as we will publish all work in the latter two languages in that format (i.e in Malay and in English and/or in Kristang and in English).


(2) in any language that you believe fits the criteria outlined at the start of this page, with a translation provided in English as part of your submission. For languages in this category that neither editor is fluent in, we will contact you to discuss how we might be able to find a third-party to edit your submission in its original language before publication on Kadamundu; however, our experience with the ongoing revitalisation of Kristang has made us very aware of the difficulty of finding professional editors and translators conversant in a large number of minority or endangered languages, and if the above is not possible, we will ensure that it is not a barrier to publication as far as possible.

Particular Guidelines for Short Fiction

We are welcome to fiction from all genres, with strong personal preferences for speculative fiction, science fiction and fantasy (both editors), historical fiction (both editors), magical realism (both editors) and horror (Fuad), but generally with one olu and one mata out for anything that makes us go, yes, this is something that the rest of the planet should probably be reading. As people with diverse identities and backgrounds ourselves, we welcome and encourage submissions featuring characters of any race, religion or sexuality, and set in any time period and any place in the omniverse; we especially encourage submissions from anyone anywhere in Southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Oceania, Central Asia and Eastern Europe, and anyone from an underrepresented community of any kind.

Simultaneous submissions are accepted; however, please do let us know if your work has been accepted somewhere else.

Short Fiction Submission Logistics:

(SF-1) Please submit your work as a single pdf file (for work with an accompanying English translation, to be attached in the same file) to kadamundu at gmail dot com

(SF-2) For the subject title of your email, please present it in the following way: "Kadamundu Issue 1 Submission: <Title of work> by <Author>"

We have no strong feelings about manuscript formatting or layout, other than it being clean, readable and non-frustrating for two gay Singaporeans with fulltime jobs, limited lifespans, hair that is falling out and blood pressure rising like our warming seas. Simultaneous submissions are also fine with us, though please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Mutu grandi merseh for considering us, and we look forward to reading your work!

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