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  • Victoria Dook

The Coast

by Victoria Dook



Sea fingers

Dedu di mar

Stroking the shore

Ta rabah bodru di praya

Clams clinging with one foot to a broken jetty.

La la ta gatong, kung justu ung peu, na jeti kebradu.



Wash away


Forgotten people.

Jenti desah

Not to be erased.

bibeh seng tokah labah.

Never left.

Ngak desah. eyes

Gragu...olu-olu pretu



Brown skin.

Kaskah klor.

Memories lost...

Memoriah perdreh...

To the ocean that sunk ships and warriors.

Na mar ja intarah barku kon soldadu.

Erasing history....forgetting and moving on

Labah istoria....skiseh kung desah

To new lands!

Na tera nobu!

Abandonment...the elders cry.

Largamintu...jenti belu rasgah

I can't stay...

Yo ngkah fikah…

But those few who remain to teach others to remember...

Mas mpoku jenti fikah na prendeh ortu jenti na komemorah

Called to hear...sounds of the sea where ancient wars were fought.

Chomah ubih...sohng di mar undi gera passadu ja pasah.

Keepers and believers in roots and heritage.

Biziador kung konfiador di andasang kung ardansa.



Not always left to wander and drift from sea to sea

Nadi tokah rudiah anyut, pasah di mar pra mar.

Believers in a place called home.

Konfiador di lugar nus chomah kaza.


Victoria Dook is an English tutor and freelance writer (part-time).  She has an MA in English, a BA (Hons) in English, and Creative Writing: Advanced Fiction and Writing for Performance. Victoria is TEFL certified and has had certified training in IELTS marking. She has written articles for unions, cooperatives, lifestyle, and dance companies. She also enjoys writing creatively.


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